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I have wayyyy too much time on my hands.

Um, Google AdSense makes me laugh really, really hard.

Right now, at this second, it has two ads for Christian stuff, an ad for Obama, and two more for cough suppressants. Apparently, that is all that is relevant for my blog. Thanks, GoogleAdSense.

And hey, in case you were wondering, the pennies I make off of ad revenue are going into my savings account to one day help (slightly) in paying off the college loans I am currently accruing at a massive rate. So you're putting me through school. And for that, I love you.

In other news, and I promise this is my last post for today, my dad, younger brother and I are enjoying our normal "family Sunday time" by watching Gangland. So our lovely family quality moments? Full of blood, shootings, gang violence, and people with protected identities (blurred out face AND voice transformers). Sweet.



Also, in case anyone wanted to know, I switched my phone's language preference to French.
And it totally works.

I love French.

Like right now, the top corner of my cell says "Dim".

Much prettier than "Sunday".

Amy (best friend) named one of her Blythe dolls Jeudi.
That is so much better than English.


Etsy, you make my life miserable/awesome.

I am wholly capable of going long periods of time without spending money.
Sure, I have things that automatically come out of my account every month, but those are for bills and things that are unavoidable. I can go months without eating at restaurants, going shopping, and anything else that costs me.

So why did I just get on Etsy to order birthday presents for my best friend and end up buying myself this piano ring?

I'm still sick, bee-tee-dubs.
It hurts like crazy to talk/sing/make any kind of noise involving vocal chords, and on top of that, I have this awesome cough that makes me sound like a 5-pack-a-day chain smoker. Awesome.

To combat this, I'm guzzling liquid Dayquil (which numbs your throat when swallowed, as opposed to waiting an hour for relief with the liquigels) and reading The Bloggess in chronological order. Hooray for Jenny!

Somebody, bring me tofu-chicken noodle soup.
And a big, HUGE Diet Coke.

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