The personal and introspective musings of an all-too-tongue-and-cheek college girl.


Time and Confusion

Okay, now what?

I don't understand what on earth is going on.

First things are great, then they're awful and awkward, then they're nonexistent, and then they're okay. Back to good, completely gone, borderline avoidance, so-so, fantastic, better, gone. 

And now?

This happens to me a lot.

I get bailed on for no reason, then expected to jump through hoops for the sake of friendships I thought were gone.

As of right now, I'm driving home alone this weekend, with my own money, even though I was supposed to be riding home with two other people. I didn't find out until today, and even then I had to ask, and I was told that plans had changed.

Granted, the person driving changed the plans, the other person going with us hasn't even been informed yet.

Someone please just say what you mean,
be honest, for once, with me.