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Sometimes people are horrible.

Emotions suck.

Have you ever had that moment of clarity where you realized that SOMEONE was an idiot, and that the someone may have been you? You trusted someone and they let you down in the biggest way possible. Promises broken, trust shattered, and maybe you were the foolish one for trusting them in the first place.

But you want to hope that maybe, just maybe, THEY were the fool for hurting you. For lying, for messing up, for fill-in-the-blank and maybe it isn't your fault.

Right now I'm feeling like I can't trust anyone on earth. I hate knowing that no one is completely honest. I'd love to say forget it and give up, but as much as I absolutely despise liars and getting hurt, I'm a romantic through and through. I want the white wedding, the marriage, children, and to be one of the seemingly few who doesn't get divorced.

For tonight I'll let myself be finished with dreaming and hope and happiness and I'll go to bed hurt, walled-up and angry. Then tomorrow I'll start over and try harder and keep myself open.

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