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Here we go, baby!

I voted for Obama. 
Not because he was black, but because a third term of Bush was too much for this country.
Now I'm watching him actually do this, actually going there, making this trip, becoming our president.

This is so cool.

He got to the capitol building safely.
The marine corp band is playing and we're all waiting for history to be made.

Not gonna lie, this is big. Our country is doing something really cool. Regardless of how you feel about the man, the fact that a black man is becoming president is a big effing deal and you should be proud that you live in a country where we're moving past social barriers. This rules.

There's Colin Powell, standing in the crowd.
Supreme court justices, pastors, reverends, a TON of black people, a TON of white people, and we're all praying the same thing;



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