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Know what's awesome?
Having a two year old you just met take a massive dump on your arm.

Hold on, let me start over.

Today I worked PNO (Parents Night Out) for the YMCA, and I had diaper duty. Apparently I'm the only employee who doesn't freak out over changing diapers. Not because it's gross, but because touching any kid at all gets you set up for a sexual harassment lecture. I'm not even kidding. So I had gloves on most of the night and was up to my elbows in pooooooooop. One little girl had explosive... erm, yeah. She blew out her diaper, covered her pants, her back, and part of her shirt. And MY ARM.

It was fantastic, to say the least.

But seriously, I love my job. Kids are amazing and spending time around them (and getting paid for it) makes me incredibly happy. I know I may complain about it on occasion, but I have a blast and I make decent money and I don't take myself too seriously, because poop-arms=not serious. Its good for the soul.

On another topic entirely, I honestly hate trying to muddle through complex emotions. Right now I'm in a massive battle of heart vs. head, and I want very desperately to punch a few people in the face. I can't stand the way it feels to go from complete security to distrust and heartache, but I also can't stand the thought of losing someone who has meant the world to me for over a year now, so I'm dealing with it as best as I can.

How's YOUR heart lately?

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