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Dayquil, I heart thee.

I love Laurie Notaro.

I've always been kind of a sucker for authors like Erma Bombeck who write hilarious prose on their lives. Laurie Notaro's is a little more tongue-and-cheek, and her view on things like flippy hair and giant kitchen-raiding rats named Molly keep my attention almost as well as the blogs I frequent (all hail The Bloggess and SFLovestory!)

In honor of that, I'm asking that you go out and find yourself a copy of We Though You'd Be Prettier. Its awesome.

Also, I still have the cough from hell.
I think possibly that I may have broken my lungs.
And you know what? I don't even smoke. Whattheeff.

In other news, I'm avoiding the Wal-Mart tonight. Apparently some gang members have been informed that for initiation they must shoot three women at a local Wally World. Or so I've been told by mass text messages/e-mails/anonymous tipsters. I'm a sucker for suspicious stuff the truth.

Help a girl out and mail me some Dayquil.



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