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Frick, this is annoying.

Okay, I'm going to say this now and probably delete it.
Because honesty, I don't know who reads this, and I kind of care.

I don't know what or how to feel about the whole situation. I want to feel apathetic because that would be easy (note to self: find better way to express apathy than with the word feeling, since that is THE ANTITHESIS OF APATHY I'M SO DUMB), but I can't do that because dammit, I FEEL THINGS. So I'm attempting to re-route my feelings through God first and let Him have control of the entire thing. But it still hurts, I think. I can't tell if this is hurt or frustration. Probably both.

I'm working on the whole healing thing.
This is so ridiculously confusing.

Someone needs to bring me XANAX.
And Nyquil.
I'm such a drunky.

[note: I have never had any alcohol. I'm not a real, actual drunky. That just happens to be my favorite word of all time, courtesy of Victor, man of the Bloggess. Plus, when I've had excessive amounts of sugar and caffeine, I greatly resemble a real actual drunk. Dang.]



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