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The New.

In the past weeks and (sad to say) months, I've adopted somewhat of a negative attitude. Perhaps my brushes with the darker side of life have given me an outlook that is in no way reflective of the way I want to live. Someone I love and respect has shown me the error of my ways, albeit in a painful manner, but with such honesty that I know it was in my best interest. As a result, I'm starting over.

I need an attitude adjustment.

Things here at school have been somewhat chaotic for me emotionally. I've taken a stand-offish position in the opportunities presented and have subsequently become dependent upon a life about 3 and 1/2 hours from here. This isn't good, productive, or healthy. In lieu of this revelation, I'm going to try and adopt a more positive outlook and give more back than I take from those around me. I'm going to wake up and make a real effort to give my all to this place, even if at times it seems inconvenient. I'm going to refocus, give things back to the one whom I owe all to.

That being said, I'm going to go study for a quiz.
Why not start small and make a big impression in my classes?



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