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Existential Kiddos.

I'm terribly amused at the pretentious nature that so many people here seem to have. It seems like nobody realizes that we ALL made it into this university, and that nobody here is higher than anyone else. I'm scared to tell people I'm here on the Presidential Scholarship because whenever I mention it people get offended and put off by the fact that I'm bringing it up. I'm not bragging, if anything its a testament to the total LACK of wealth that I come from.

Chill, babies.
We're all special, which is just another way of saying that none of us are.


Also, after quite a bit of ridiculous calculating (as shown to me by my Cornerstone professor), I can make Bs in two of my classes this semester and still come out with a 3.6, which is a tenth of a point above what I need to maintain all my financial aid. Sweet, sweet, SWEET.


Also, lately I've been stressing about the desire to go home. A lot of it may have to do with not getting to see two of my favorite people in this universe, Ian and Amy, and after thinking about it I realized that what I'm gaining here is far more valuable than a clingy attempt at upping my time spent with those I love. Both of them still love me, even if I'm several hours away. So, I'm gonna stick it out here for the next four years.

Well, three years and 1.9 semesters :)

I'm off to finish reading for my Civ class, which isn't actually due till Friday, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need to know the material back and forth and up and down, so I'm gonna try and knock it out twice.



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