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A Fresh Start

Ahhh, the goddess of blog strikes again.

While I'm notorious for my rantings, I rarely blog anywhere other than MySpace (yes, I got over that phase... yikes!), Xanga, and Facebook... and I decided that it was time I got serious about my musings and started BLOGGING.

Yes, a real blog.
Wow, I'm special.


At this somewhat retrospective point in m life, I'm realizing that hindsight isn't the only sight that's 20/20. I realize that my foresight has been right quite a few times, and that if I'd only listened to the good advice I was giving myself, I could've avoided quite a few pitfalls. Unfortunately, I'm too stubborn to learn things the easy way. But God has used my adamance to my advantage; I've grown up more in the past year than most people do in a lifetime. I've accomplished more than I realized possible. 

I have lived to tell.

And so, in this, the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm thinking it might be nice to write about how things are working out for me.

But right now I'm going to watch Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho with my amazing best friend, Amy (more on her later).



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