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Finally, all these months of cultivation have brought forth the peace and closure so desperately sought after. These times are gone.

I have let go of the ever-resisting past and begun the first footsteps of the journey into the light. This is the life I've wanted. A good school, a good home, real love.

Dare I say it, the curse has been lifted.

Ripples on the water
slowly spreading farther out
to the place you left behind.

Reaching every distance
going farther than you dared
to do this thing to me.

We are finished.

Now the you and the me
we never were as we
have come forward,

embracing the dawn.

I lift my eyes toward the sun
held out for one last winter
and the melting snow proves

hope is a revolutionary patience.

What once was is no more.
The finality of this breath is sure
that "we" have died.

I turn and leave
moving away
like ripples on the water

spreading farther out to places you could never go.

I am free.


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