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As I'm sure some of you know, two of the most amazing people I've ever met, Matt and Lauren Larsen, and their beautiful baby girl, Life Lucia Larsen, are going through a really tough time right now (and yes, these are the people my orange bracelet is for, in case you were wondering).

I continuously read their updates on their blog, Their beautiful baby girl is facing some big hurdles right now in her attempts to gain strength and live completely without medical machinery. She's made such incredible strides already; she's stronger than most adults I know.

However, the doctors now feel that surgery is necessary, and a tube will be placed in Life to drain fluids. Reading that (and Lauren's reaction to it) made me want to cry. I don't understand sometimes why things turn out the way they do, but I am confident that after all God has already done for Life, He can easily give another miracle to this amazing family. 

I'm asking everyone who reads this, whether you know the Larsens or not, to please, PLEASE pray for Life, Lauren, and Matt. Pray for healing for this beautiful little girl, peace and strength for her mother and father, and comfort from our amazing King as we all surround the family during this time.

In Him,


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