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Keep Off the Grass.

Have you ever seen some bright, lush, green lawn and immediately had this urge to take of your shoes and run through it? You start to hear the happy-movie theme music and get ready to make your trek and then BAM. There it is; the KEEP OFF THE GRASS sign.

What good does that do?
What is the point of that?
Why have such beautiful, well-watered grass if no one can enjoy it?

We waste a lot of money and water on places like this. We waste a lot of things, period. We've been given this beautiful earth and instead of taking care of it, we've trashed it with our trash, our pollution, our irresponsible and wasteful ways, and instead of caring, we've said, "its not really a big deal". 

Say what you want about global warming. You may not think its real. Frankly, I don't care. The fact of the matter is, pollution levels are ridiculous right now, the ozone layer has a whole in it, and we as human beings need to do what we were called to do.

God loves this earth. He created every facet, each beautiful tree and blade of grass, and he said it was GOOD. He left us, created in His image, to rule over the earth, to take care of what we had been left with. We are to be good stewards of this blessing. But instead we have foolishly left it to rot while we chase after selfish desires and do not take care of the gift we've been given.

Image you give your friend a gift. You let them have a precious something that you made, and you're so proud of it. You just know that they will love and cherish it just as you did. 

Now imagine your shock as the next time you come by, you find your gift broken and tossed lazily in the corner. You'd be upset, you'd be a little surprised, but above all else you'd probably be pretty hurt. Why would they treat your present that way?

The thing is, recycling, not littering, being energy-efficient and cutting back on waste are all things we can do to be good stewards of what our King has allowed us to be in charge of. Its not just about going green for the heck of it. Its our duty as Christians and human beings. 

Get up off your butts and be green for God :)



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