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Impatience and boredom make me the most miserable person on earth, LORD.
I want nothing more than to make the time pass faster. I feel so lonely, so empty, so afraid.

Why is it that right now when things are okay, I'm more stressed than ever?
God please.

Let me find some way out of this pain.

I am afraid.
I am alone.
I hate being alone.
I am lonely.
I am so bored.
I hate not having things to do.
I don't even feel like singing.
I want to talk to him.

Give me a friend.


At 12/23/2008 08:55:00 PM , OpenID sflovestory said...

Oh dear. I have been exactly there. It is nothing less than suckass. But you *do* know (I know you know) deep down that "this too shall pass"...and you won't feel this way forever.

I promise.

Promise promise with a pinkie swear.


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